Today's vehicles are built to last longer than ever before.

Most vehicles today have exhaust systems made out of stainless steel and brake pads made with ceramic friction material, and many of the key systems, such as the brake, transmission, power steering, and cooling systems, are designed so that the fluid that powers them assumes most of the wear and tear. In short, if the proper fluid levels and conditions are kept, the systems will last much longer.

What can create a need for a system power flush?

Fluids break down over time. PH levels change. Contaminants enter the fluid supply. When a fluid can no longer do its job effectively, the system that relies upon it no longer functions effectively. Running an engine on low or dirty oil can cause engine wear and overheating.  Antifreeze that is past its useful life can result in overheating or even engine failure. Worn out transmission fluid can cause improper shifting and hesitation.

How does Tuffy Highway 27 Clermont handle a system power flush?

Tuffy Highway 27 Clermont's trained technicians will provide a fluid sample evaluation on your vehicle free of charge. If your fluid is past manufacturer specifications or appears extremely dirty or contaminated, we will recommend a flush service to help head off any potential problems that it might cause. Tuffy Highway 27 Clermont's power flush services serve to:

  • Remove all the old fluid from the system
  • Remove all contaminants including metal shavings, rust, and foreign debris from the system
  • Refill the components with new fluid

A power flush can head off serious potential problems, and is recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer at certain mileage intervals. Consult your owner's manual or ask us for a free factory scheduled maintenance guide.